Tools to detect websites’ techs

As a web developer, most of the time I come across cool stuff (technology-wise) once I’m surfing the web and I’m always wondering, what kind of framework, library or technology has been used for their development. I used to go with old school methods like viewing the website’s source code or inspecting elements (through dev… Read More »

Does Test Driven Development (TDD) really matter?

Test Driven Development (TDD) has been around for a quite a while (since 2003) and nowadays, somehow works like a buzzword in developers’ resumes. Many decent companies around the world would highly consider TDD skills, experience, and more importantly TDD tendency of their job applicants, in their recruitment process. Sometimes, their candidates’ TDD adherence even matters… Read More »

Dependency Injection in the Coffeeshop

Inject what… in the Coffee Shop? I believe if one would like to define an interface whose methods many people implement, it literally has to do with eating. Developers, in particular, are not an exception. The joy of coding in the coffee shop while sipping your double espresso is well known to many of us. For those who have… Read More »